Iain Overton: bio and contact

Iain Overton is the Executive Director of the London-based charity Action on Armed Violence. In this role he investigates the impact of explosive weapons and small arms on civilians around the world, a job that has required him to travel to over thirty areas heavily impacted by armed violence, including Iraq, Colombia, Pakistan, Somalia, Ukraine, El Salvador and the Syrian/Jordanian border.

He has also written for the Guardian, the LA Times, the IB Timesthe Independent and the Huffington Post.

He is author of Gun Baby Gun (Canongate, 2015) and The Price of Paradise (Quercus, 2019).

As an investigative journalist, Iain has made films for the BBC, ITN and Al Jazeera. His human rights reporting has been awarded a Peabody Award, two Amnesty Awards and a BAFTA Scotland, among others.

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You can look at Iain Overton’s website www.gunbabygun.com here. Iain Overton also has a website that can be looked at here – www.iainoverton.com.