Gun, Baby, Gun covers 25 countries and is a combination of recalled experiences and encounters undertaken in the writing of it. It’s also got plenty of facts. If, on reading, you note any errors in the text, I’d be grateful for your help in correcting them for future editions and for the record.

If you spot any mistakes, please visit and let me know. I am afraid that the form I used to have here started getting attacked with a spambot and so I had to delete it.

I will use the digital version as the reference point for all page notations. I’ll post corrections as soon as I can below.

May, 1 2015
In footnote 34, chapter 5 (The Killers) it states that in Norway,  “A ban on semi-automatic rifles was introduced in September 2011, but it was lifted at the end of February 2013.” In September 2011 a moratorium was introduced concerning semi-automatic rifles, whereby the police were banned from procession applications to buy such weapons. In March 2012, this restriction was lifted and the police could again process applications under the regulations that were in force pre-Breivik. This footnote, therefore should read: “A provisional ban on semi-automatic rifles was introduced in September 2011, but it was lifted in March 2012.”

July, 17 2015
John Oates emailed me and said: “In Chapter 4 (page 62) I believe you have been misinformed. You state that gas companies stopped using poisonous coal gas as a result of Government action. This is not the case: in 1966 North Sea gas first became available and replaced coal gas in stages across the UK as the supply reached each area. The simple economics of supplying natural gas rather than running gasworks was why the change was made; there may have been some Government contribution to the cost of converting appliances such as cookers, fires and boilers, but the Gas Boards needed no prompting to change over.
The conversion process took some time, I believe the East Midlands Gas Board (being nearest to the coastal terminal) was the first area to change.”
This is a valued correction.  Thank you.

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