Investigative journalism

I’ve worked on a number of investigative journalistic projects.

Perhaps the most notable examples of these were working with a team of journalists at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.  I was the founding editor of that company. Highlights of our work included examining Wikileaks’ Iraq War Logs  (this reporting won an Amnesty Media Award), an examination of UK Deaths in Police Custody (which won an Amnesty Media Award), and an expose of UK public relations firms working for governments involved in human rights abuses (which ended up on three national newspaper front pages).

Along with Andrew Thomas, I also worked on a story about failures in the UK Coroner’s System that was to win the Bar Council’s Legal Award.

Over the years, I have been involved in the making of a number of documentaries. Partly this was as an executive producer, partly as a Producer/Director.

For the former, I worked on Dispatches, exec’ing Iraq’s Secret War Files.

As well as a BBC Panorama – Because We’re Worth It.

I have also worked as a Producer-Director at the BBC and ITN on a number of others. Some of the documentaries I worked on include:

Bad Medicine – an expose of the world of counterfeit pharmaceuticals.  It won a Peabody Award.

Security Wars – a film about organised criminal gangs operating in the constriction security industry in Scotland.  It won a BAFTA Scotland.

Places That Don’t Exist – a series as part of the Holidays In A Danger Zone strand with Simon Reeve. This won a One World Award.

Other films that I am grateful for having work on include:

A Tale of Torture – a BBC film about the false imprisonment of Sandy Mitchell

I also worked on a number of Channel4 reports, during my role as an Executive Producer at ITN.

This included reports such as concerns relating to the Japanese legal system


As well as human rights reporting and investigative journalism, I have also worked on a number of projects that lie outside the field of Current Affairs One of these was a long-form film on the architecture of Tokyo – in a docu-drama called Mr Smith Goes To Tokyo.  The film was shown at the Barbican.

Other projects include a documentary and report on Shark-calling in the South Pacific, and a travel documentary in South Korea for Pilot Guides.