Current affairs documentaries

Iain Overton investigative journalism

I have been involved in the making of a number of documentaries. Partly this was as an executive producer, partly as a Producer/Director.

For the former, I worked on Dispatches, exec’ing Iraq’s Secret War Files.

As well as a BBC Panorama – Because We’re Worth It.

As well as a Producer-Director at the BBC and ITN on a number of others.

Some of the documentaries I have worked on include:

Bad Medicine – an expose of the world of counterfeit pharmaceuticals.  It won a Peabody Award.

Security Wars - a film about organised criminal gangs operating in the constriction security industry in Scotland.  It won a BAFTA Scotland.

Places That Don’t Exist - a series as part of the Holidays In A Danger Zone strand with Simon Reeve. This won a One World Award.

Other films that I am grateful for having work on include:

A Tale of Torture – a BBC film about the false imprisonment of Sandy Mitchell

I also worked on a number of Channel4 reports, during my role as an Executive Producer at ITN.

This included reports such as concerns relating to the Japanese legal system