Gun Baby Gun & The Price of Paradise

Thank you for visiting. I am the author of two books – Gun Baby Gun and The Price of Paradise.

This was my first book, detailing the impact of firearms on the world. In some places, it’s easier to get a gun than a glass of water. In some places, you are allowed to carry concealed firearms into schools. In some place, there are more guns than people to shoot them. There are almost 1 billion guns across the globe today – more than ever before. There are 12 billion bullets produced every year – almost 2 bullets for every person on this earth. And there are over 300,000 people shot dead over an average year worldwide. The gun’s impact is long-reaching and often hidden. And it doesn’t just involve the dead, the wounded, the suicidal and the mourning. It involves us all. The pain caused by a gunshot does not end with the pulling of the trigger. That is just the beginning.

Gun Baby Gun took me on a journey to over 25 countries, from Cape Town to Tokyo, from San Pedro Sula to Phnom Penh. Meeting people affected by guns from all walks of life – porn starlets who appear as snipers in XXX films, Zionist anti-terror gun trainers, El Salvadoran gangland killers, South African doctors soaked in the blood of gunshot victims – I found some hard truths about the terrible realities of war and gun crime.

  • “A brilliantly researched journey, capturing the gun’s strangely accepted place in human life and, far too often, death” Jon Snow
  • “A gripping book that’s as disturbing as it is enlightening” Charlie Burton, GQ
  • “A shocking investigation into our fatal love affair with the firearm” Newsweek
  • Adventurous, ambitiously tracing the often devastating impact of guns around the world . . . punctuated with thoughtful discussions on issues such as the second amendment to the US constitution, and women’s attitudes towards guns, and contains moments of great poignancy” Financial Times
  • “Chilling . . . relentlessly engrossingSpectator
  • “A shocking book about the terrible realities of war and weapons” Scotland’s Sunday Mail

You can buy Gun Baby Gun at Blackwell’s, WHSmith, Amazon, Waterstones, and Audible, amongst others.

Published in 2019, this book addresses the most devastating weapon of modern times. This is because we live in the age of the suicide bomber. The suicide bomb itself takes more lives than any other type of explosive weapon. Moreover, in the last 7 years more people have been killed by suicide attacks than at any other time in history. How has this descent deep into the heart of terror escalated in such a way? What drives people to blow themselves up and what are the consequences? More importantly perhaps, what can be done to combat the rising spread of this form of violence? In this book I address the fundamental drivers of modern day suicide attacks, showing how the suicide bomber has played a pivotal role in the evolution of some of the most defining forces of the modern age – from Communism and the Cold War, to the modern day War on Terror.

  • ‘A must-read book on the most frightening phenomenon of the modern age … Fascinating’ Sunday Times
  • Outstanding‘ New Statesman
  • Provocative and timely…. highly readable‘ Guardian
  • ‘In an exceptional piece of work, Iain Overton subjects the suicide bomber to his seasoned investigative skills from pre-revolutionary Russia to the present day.’ Jon Snow
  • ‘An informative book on a timely topic that demands critical scrutiny.’ Evening Standard
  • ‘Moving… Overton has gone further than most to understand the motivations of the modern-day suicide bomber.’ i

You can buy The Price of Paradise at Amazon, WHSmith, Blackwell’s, Wordery, Hive, World of Books and many others.